Dear : Raysa

Hehehe mulai dari mana ya surat ini.

Raysa dengan gayannya

Raysa, this letter is not only show you how do I need a friend like you but also it will show you how skilled you are making me feeling better when I need someone to talk to. I hope you still remember when I talked to you my story, you were really making me feeling better. U Believe or not, you are the first friend of me whom I talked to about my love story. I used to think that a woman cannot keep any secret of anyone alone, but I was wrong. Because Allah Swt Create you differently, you can keep any story of my story alone. That’s the reason why I feel I do need you to talk to……..

I thought, I should change my mind about the case that I’ve wrote. Because of you’ve erased my negative view of a woman. Thanks to you for being a part of my life.

You Raysa are so enthusiastic to any problem you want to solve. You’ve shown me about it without you know it. That’s why I think if you want to achieve anything you want, I do sure that you will grab that things. So just try to achieve your dream start from now and you’ll be a success woman. Your dream will comes true easily because of your hard effort.

I’m trying to write more. But when I imagine you in my life, you are looks a lot like my mom. You always state the right thing to advise me, and you always keep silent when I am not advisable. You do just like my mom does. She never give me advice when I am not ready yet for her advice. She always thinks of my feeling and you always think of my heart and mood also.


Mulyadi Syahputra


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