Batu belah batu betangkup

X. atu-belah I Kp. PenaronLong time ago, there were a poor family who lived in gayo. The family had two children, the eldest one named Sulung who was 8th years old and he is very interactable, naughty and disobedients child, and the youngest called bungsu who was still a year old. The only property they had was a narrow field and two thin goats. Because of their poorness, the father should work so hard beside his own job to suffice the dailly family needs, he went to the river to catch the fishes, and to the jungle to set a trap for the animals. The mather worked as a clay pot maker.

At that time, gayo is attacked by long drought. All the plants were failed to be harvested and the goats is getting leaner. Their life is become more destitute. There was no option except selling their two goats. Sulung was ordered to bring the goats to a nice green pasture to fatten it for the best price.

When Sulung bring the goats to the pasture, he said to him self “i don’t need to go so far, it is better for me to sleep under this tree and take rest” Sulung sat under a big tree to take rest and sleep. When he woke up from his sleep he found that the goats was not there. He came back to the house and said to his father that the goats was sinked in the rivers. His father in great passion said to Sulung how stupid he was leaving the goats being sinked in the river because that was one of the only property they had.

The father was never give up he tried to find another source to earn some money for their life. He went to the  jungle to see the trap which had been set before. He found that there was a deer snared in his trap. He was really happy finally he could earn some money to buy some food for his family. But sadly, the mother of the deer came up and run at him. He dropped to the ground, his head was collided at the big stone. And he dead with no one know it.

In the house, the mother was advising Sulung agrily because Sulung was trown the last rice of them in to a well. She intended to sell a pot to the market for buying some food. She ordered Sulung to take the pot to the kitchen, “Sulung take the pot from the kitchen and bring here, i will sell it for buying some food. Watch your young brother until your father come home” Sulung argued his mother said angrily “do you know, because of watching this baby i can’t play with my friends, insted of bring it to you, it’s better for me to break this shit” Sulung trown the pot on the floor till it smashed.

This make her mad at Sulung. While crying she said “ Sulung, what you broke is the only thing we got to buy some food, why did you break it”. Sulung was not keeping quite, he shouted at his mother in harsh manner. He did’t stop yelling at his mother untill someone come in to the house and inromed them that the fathew was found dead in the jungle. The mother lamented loudly. But Sulung was smilling thinking of her freedom to do what he want after her father dead.

While crying the mother said “Sulung, i can’t stand anymore to live in the world. I feel like i am failed to educate you. Take care of your brother, i will come to atu belah to follow your father” after saying that words the mother come to a big stone called batu belah. After arriving the mother sang sadly.

Batu belah batu betangkup………….

Tankupen peh kapik kedengku……….

The stone became alive and swallowed her feet. And the mother sang for the second time.

Batu belah batu betangkup…………

Tankupen peh bedenku ini……………..

Finally after teh second song, all of her body was already in the stone. Seing it, he regretted in the button of  heart for what have he done. He cried for his mother and promised that he will be a good man if his mother came back. But it was to late. The mother was died swallowed by Batu Belah.

Ditulis Di SMP Negeri 16 Banda Aceh
Untuk Perlombaan Story Telling
By. Mulyadi

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