Wearing Mask

Wearing Mask

53kiat-hadapi-teman-bermuka-duaMost of the people stand behind the mask that he/she used. Some like to show their fake smile even thought they are hurted inside. it just one example as the representative of the rest “human mask”. Do you know what is the most jeopardy mask (read: fake face) ever? It is the good deed mask. The good deed mask will manipulate others perspective to judge any individuals with no equality at all.

Few days ago. I walked in the school cafetaria to get to the parking lot. Students were quite crowded in it since it was the rest time and most of them were having breafast. I pretty sure that no one will recognize me as a teacher in that hectic situation. Some were yelling, creaming, chit-chating and some were talking so there was no possiblity that they aware of my advent besides I am young enough to be a teacher. (It’s true J ). There were a group of students who sit in the corner talking to each other. There were a bunch of mischievous students who argue with me a lot in my class. I deliberately walk slower in that crowded, purposed to hear what they were discussing about. It was totally because of my curiousity. I jolted. One of the students whom are considered as the bad students talk this way to his friend. In this case it would be better if i quote. “I know that sir **** (censored) doesn’t like me at all. But I don’t know why I Could never hate teacher ever”. See… the one who always treated badly by teachers talk this way.

In the next day a student of mine whom I know well talked to her friend about me. she was questioning my spontaneou to adjourn the exam.  it was happen not to intentionally trigger my anger or to mortify me. she just didn’t realize my presence while she was talking or probably she thought that I had gone. the student who talk behind in stigmatizing my authority to decide what is the best for the rest of my students was well-behave. For this long I know that she was one of my favorite student. I didn’t blame her for miss uderstanding my decision. I know well that probably she was shock because her preparation was coming to be useless where it wasn’t actually. As a teacher i don’t have such a power to keep my students away from any complaint. But here. I wanna write this case from different perspective.

Human are unique. They were created with totally different from any creatures even one certain human is different with others. because they are created with various appearance, behaviour, and even idea. So each human used to come up with new look, idea and attitude. You we can not determine any judgment by what we see in person. But that the human being used to do. They determine whether or not we are well-behave from a simple glimpse. People used to determine our heart through the way we wear our dress and clothes. However. I’ve determined what my student from what i saw. And that tricks me so far. The appearance and mask have manipulated my sight.

A human with angel heart may be turned out to a devil for some reasons or a devil can behave like an angel sometimes. See. People is alway changing every day. So it doesn’t close the opportunity for any one to turn out to anyone he want. We are free to decide what we are in the future. Probably we want to be as bad as the king of the devil or we want to be even better than the angel is totally our own call. That freedom makes people don’t stay in one certain position. So to deal with person we need to know him/her from different perspective just to ensure we will never be tricked with any human mask.

Thursday, 18th February 2016
In the Office.


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