What Intrigue a Change

ASM121511_f1_620x310.jpgHave you ever feel exhausted for what you have been doing all years on and on?, The profession that you have been pursued sometimes forces you to run far away from your real life?. The logical answer to these questions is yes. The same problem and struggle of your life carry out no deep challenge in you to fight even harder than before. I called this phenomenon as the ‘natural boredom’. This term emphasizes the condition where an individual wants to have a break from what he/she has been going through.  the indolence that individual feel like someone are trying to wake you up for what you used to think as the endless fun is a normal experience in the human since the human is always avid to the change.

The desire for a change that is always in every human life is not surely present for granted, it is caused by one and two factors which can be divided into two kinds that directly or indirectly intrigues each individual who seek for the new challenging events in his/her life.

The first factor is caused by the intrinsic factor which means the factor arises from the person himself. For instance, someone wants a change because he’s doing the same thing over and over again every day and that makes him bored and force him to try new things which are probably better, harder of more challenging. This factor sometimes prompts the human to blindly choose the path that he/she should not decide. However this path is not invariably bad, sometimes this decision leads you to an improvement. These either bad or god values is constantly based on what you do after the decision.

The second factor is called intrinsic factors. it is caused by something outside of that individual. When someone misses a change because there is this kind of factors then it means that the motivation of a change is found in that person’s surrounding, environment, family, or other things that found from outside of that individual. A change in Life is mostly considered to be a good thing for a person’s maturity, but sometimes when people get the entrinsic factor for a change is because she/he found it hard to motivate himself/herself without any encouragement from the outside.

That is why. People have the different perspectives toward this issue. The change can be interpreted as an “angel” or “devil” decision. However, the change in life is not about what you what to change but what do you want a be after a change.

Rawa Utama

00.09 a.m
it has been such a long time…


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