Invincible Pain

semutI am going to tell you what the pain is. Well, lots of people out there comes with an infinite number of definitions used to counsel those who are in pain to deal with inexorable acute pain by showing your strengthen to the world. It’s like insisting yourselves to conceal your grief in the deeper and deeper and deeper beneath the place that you could imagine. Well, I do not blame them for that. They are just trying to make every sorrow up.

I have a few thoughts counter this point. Pain is something that is originated from various directions, family, friend, partner, whoever or whatever that has a chance to tackle you down, or the real pains. I need to tell you something that no matter how hard you try to bear it will insistently weight you up. Trying to be high in front of the pain will not stop it from causing the destructions that are contemplated to put you down.

What is the point of this? See, you might be rightfully proud of your success in hiding those feelings once, twice or even thrice, but after such continuant faking there is a time when you could never hold it up. The time when your pain is inexorable and unbearable like a levee full of water and the water keeps adding and outgrowing until one particular time that weir would never be able to hold the pressure. And it explodes.

melamunHuman is not carved to be stronger than pain, we are not designed to be a robot to feel nothing and to demand nothing, but Allah creates us with unexplainable feeling, sad, anger, happy, exhausted, and so on. It proves us that He requires us not to hide our sentiment but to express it out. When you are in pain, you are okay to be stained with puddle tear or what so ever. Cry as much as we demand, break anything you want to wreck (not recommended). But see, there is always the end of every scene. Your life would never be everlasting suffer. It changes by the times goes.

Those pains are contemplated to make us stronger after grieve. It will apparently lead you to a big smile in the end. To see the rainbow, we need to deal with the rain. Even if it is the end of your life, it would not be taken for granted since there are always meanings behind every little thing that happen in your life.

Home Sweet Home
10.45 WIB
This is not the end.



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