By. Mulyadi Syahputra

This published essay should not be considered as a library genesis. In order to avoid the invalidity of academic writing product, we do recommend the reader to not cite this essay for academic purposes.

Paraphrasing is a common word in writing that simply means rewriting the ideas or information from a source on your paper using different words and ways of writing without changing the information. According to Stark (2003), paraphrasing is allowed in the world of writing since it is one of the means to record the information from a specified source other than direct quotation. It is believed that paraphrasing is not included as plagiarism because Paraphrasing is just like sharing the ideas and information that mean to be shared. When you read a newspaper and the information that you gained are stored in your brain and you share it at the right time and to the right person. This phenomenon is not plagiarism. In many ways, paraphrasing is not as simple as common writing. It has become more complex since the original ideas and information are necessarily maintained. There are some tips on how to paraphrase well.

Firstly, paraphrasing needs a better understanding regarding the whole ideas and information to avoid any unwanted redundant and the changes in information; the writer needs to read the source of the information many times until the understanding of the information can be guaranteed. For example, “Her life spanned years of incredible change for women” as the original sentence are required to be fully understood before paraphrasing it since many bias statements can be interpreted from this certain sentence. That is why it is highly recommended to read the source many times before stepping on to paraphrasing activity.

Secondly, it is normal if the vocabularies that we paraphrased are similar to the source, it is because our brain is still picturing the wording of origin. That is why, it is needed for a writer to Look closely at unfamiliar words, and use as few words as possible from the original text.

To sum up, paraphrasing is a legal way to pass the information through writing that required a high understanding and various vocabulary uses in paraphrasing.


Stark. R. (2003), Research & Writing Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day. Learning Express, LLC: United States of America


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