Biography of Mohammad Syafei

Mulyadi Syahputra, S.Pd

220px-03_muhammadsjafeiMohammad Syafei was one of the Indonesian education figures who had a big role in finding and leading the education based on his ideas. Muhammad Syafei has the view that the Indonesian National Movement will not only be successfully achieved its objectives quickly and precisely by the leader but also by the support of the entire population of Indonesia (Panigoro. 2012). Because the independence may not be obtained for one person all of the society should have their role in building the nation. therefore, people must have a strong will, fight and struggle to reach the goal of the nation by improving their intelligence (Ahmadi. 1975). That is why education is mandatory should be owned by each individual.

He believed that the best-needed education in Indonesian is the education that supports the needs of the struggle for Indonesian independence (Panigoro. 2012). That is the basic foundation that Mohammad Syafei want to establish a school which supports his belief. If the people of Indonesia have understood the meaning of freedom and been able to see the lives of the colonized peoples, then they will participate consciously in every movement to reach Indonesian independence.

He believed through education, people would be able to have a political ideology. The educational about freedom that was given by Mohammad Syafei through freedom is in the broadest sense, such as freedom to think, to act, to make choices, and to think based on the reality (Halimah. 2012). which never been found in the education which was provided by the colonizer.


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