Bangkok – Wat Arun Temple The combination of the cultural diversity and the hospitality has shaped our journey unforgettable. Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. in 2016, 32 million tourists have visited Bangkok to seek for the uniqueness and the true fun of the journey. Wat Arun. is one of 31200 Buddhist temples spread … Continue reading Bangkok – Wat Arun Temple



Hastag #KamiTidakTakut adalah sebuah narasi yang diciptakan oleh masyarakat sebagai gerakan counter-aksi dari terrorist di tahun 2016 silam. Ketika bom di Plaza Sarinah, Jakarta menelan sedikitnya 8 korban jiwa dan 24 lainnya luka-luka menebarkan kisah pilu dan trauma di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia. hampir seluruh daerah di Negara ini "siaga satu" sehingga trauma dihati masyarakat akan … Continue reading HASTAG #KAMITIDAKTAKUT TAK SEKUAT DULU.

Atu Belah Atu Betangkup

This story was originated from Gayo highland, Middle Aceh, Aceh Indonesia. Most of the civilians in Middle Aceh believe that this story was real so this story is categorized by the local as the Legend rather than a fairytale. The big stone in about 35 miles away from the town of Takengon is considered as … Continue reading Atu Belah Atu Betangkup

Short Movie “I Miss You”

This lovely letter was taken from a short video script that I found on youtube. however, I recite it since I admire the poetic words of the script writer of the video. and I think it is not a major issue if I posted it on my blog since I put the source of the … Continue reading Short Movie “I Miss You”

Biography of Mohammad Syafei

Mulyadi Syahputra, S.Pd 2017 Mohammad Syafei was one of the Indonesian education figures who had a big role in finding and leading the education based on his ideas. Muhammad Syafei has the view that the Indonesian National Movement will not only be successfully achieved its objectives quickly and precisely by the leader but also by … Continue reading Biography of Mohammad Syafei