By. Mulyadi Syahputra 2017 This published essay should not be considered as a library genesis. In order to avoid the invalidity of academic writing product, we do recommend the reader to not cite this essay for academic purposes. Paraphrasing is a common word in writing that simply means rewriting the ideas or information from a source … Continue reading Paraphrasing


Invincible Pain

I am going to tell you what the pain is. Well, lots of people out there comes with an infinite number of definitions used to counsel those who are in pain to deal with inexorable acute pain by showing your strengthen to the world. It’s like insisting yourselves to conceal your grief in the deeper … Continue reading Invincible Pain

What Intrigue a Change

Have you ever feel exhausted for what you have been doing all years on and on?, The profession that you have been pursued sometimes forces you to run far away from your real life?. The logical answer to these questions is yes. The same problem and struggle of your life carry out no deep challenge … Continue reading What Intrigue a Change

Berjasalah Tapi Jangan Minta Jasa

Falsafah ini merupakan starting point dari keikhlasan. Banyak sekarang yang mengatakan bahwa usaha yang anda kerjakan haruslah sepadan dengan hasil yang anda dapatkan. Hal ini didasari oleh prinsip timbal balik simbiosis mutualism yang selama ini dipercaya sebagai prinsip keseimbangan dan keadilan. Kewajiban haruslah sepadan dengan hak yang anda dapatkan. Begitulah prinsip hidup kita semakin lama … Continue reading Berjasalah Tapi Jangan Minta Jasa

Wearing Mask

Wearing Mask Most of the people stand behind the mask that he/she used. Some like to show their fake smile even thought they are hurted inside. it just one example as the representative of the rest "human mask". Do you know what is the most jeopardy mask (read: fake face) ever? It is the good deed … Continue reading Wearing Mask